Making sure your Accommodation is LIVE online 

In marketing the region, Yarra Ranges Tourism is critically aware of the importance for local operators to have their accommodation live bookable online. Gone are the days of the paper diary and waiting for the phone to ring to make a booking. More and more bookings are made outside normal business hours. With an online booking system, your product is available 24/7.


An online booking system is a smart way for small businesses to meet the needs of their customers and reduce their own administration.


We want to make sure that we are able to promote as much local product in real time as possible, otherwise the consumer will go elsewhere to make a booking.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Tourism Sales Officer, Natalija Mackenzie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I become Live Bookable?

Yarra Ranges Tourism uses BookEasy, a leading Australian Tourism software application and provides BookEasy Masterclass Training.  We will facilitate live bookability once you have joined the Regional Booking Service.  All properties or tour operators with an Existing BookEasy profile can be linked into by Yarra Ranges Tourism.


You will be required to Join Yarra Ranges Tourism as a Tourism Partner, selecting the Accommodation or Tour category to become part of the Yarra Ranges Tourism Booking Service as an extension of your partnership application.


We will assess each property /tour provider application individually to determine the level of digital support required to complete the bookable profile.


Once completed, the required information will populate through to a dedicated description page on or


If you are  already connected to a Channel Manager and various Online Travel Sites, we will be able to easily connect you once the corresponding rate lines are entered and mapped for your Channel Manager to connect live rates and availability .

I don’t wish to be 100% Live Bookable . Is there an alternative?

Yes,  BookEasy allows the option of setting  Live Bookable, excluding Same Day Bookings, which then are presented online as  “on request “ rather than “Book Now” for same day product view. You can also choose to log into BookEasy and manually block out the current day or allow a request option to be considered. Information on request bookings are covered in the Masterclass training guides.

Can I be live bookable on multiple sites without a Channel Manager?

It can be confusing to manage your bookings without a central system as it means logging into individual sites to update your availability manually.


This manual juggling system often can result in duplicate bookings which are then the responsibility of the property owner to provide an alternate solution.


Engaging with a Channel Manager immediately updates your inventory across all channels when a booking is made.


It is a condition that properties which are live bookable on multiple sites,  engage with a channel manager when joining the Yarra Ranges Tourism Booking Service.

How do I choose a Channel Manager?

Yarra Ranges Tourism has produced an Online Systems Reference Guide  for your consideration which incorporates a few of the more popular channel managers used by opertors in the region. Please contact Natalija Mackenzie on 03 8739 8000 (Option 1) to discuss your requirements.

How does a visitor find me on your sites once my live bookable profile is active?

The Official Regional Visitor websites of and both provide  a “Where to Stay” menu link where accommodation providers can be viewed.  Tour operators are located under the "Things To Do" menu link.


A Book Online Tab is also set up on The official Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Facebook Page